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"Uni at Ugat Music Camp" derived from Maguindanao and Tagalog terms, “Sounds and Roots”. A 3-day music camp offered to Filipinx artists looking to write music by embracing Filipino gongs and Indigenous instrumentation into their body of work and community members drawn to learning more about traditional and contemporary Filipino music

It is aimed at providing a unique opportunity to learn Indigenous instruments, and music production methods working with Master artists from the Philippines and Filipinx music industry experts in the diaspora, to encourage music writing inspired by rooted Indigenous Filipino arts. Produced works will be published on streaming platforms and culminate at Gongster’s Paradise 2025.


Farid Guinomla (laya) - Maguindanaoan Music
Sata Abdullah (ilod) - Maguindanaoan Music
Joel Ganlal - T’boli Music
Sapi Bawer/Jenny Bawer - Kalinga Music / Chanting
Waway Saway - Talaandig Chanting
6Balugto Necosia - Talaandig Music

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