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House of Gongs

is a grassroots movement and learning
space that honors both tradition and innovation on gong-row music and other Filipino Indigenous traditional instruments. We cultivate artists from different backgrounds through studying, learning, and/or practicing indigenous art forms from the Philippines and encourage them to bring indigenous knowledge into their own artistic creativity and experience.

The house of gongs core program is Gongster's Paradise. A festival of a collective of kulintang and Filipino indigenous music practitioners in North America. It is a 4-hour long festival showcasing kulintang and other Filipino indigenous music from its most traditional form to its modern interpretations.

The creative space was founded by cultural practitioners, Ron Querian and Lydia Querian who find passion in indigenous knowledge, music, and traditions and are passionate about connecting with different tribal communities and their living master artisans all over the Philippines.

Our organization, driven by witnessing the challenges faced by Filipinx in the US regarding cultural identity and well-being, uses art as a transformative tool. Historical and minority struggles lead to a sense of identity loss. In today's assimilated environment, Filipinx individuals lack cultural guidance for personal growth.


Our project guides artists with traditional music knowledge, integrating it into their work. The music camp teaches Filipino Indigenous and traditional music, culminating in recorded works presented at Gongster's Paradise 2025, the only kulintang festival in North America. This showcases the evolving richness of Filipinx-American music and arts.


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